sourdough crackers

sourdough crackers

Sarah's Musings: Whole Wheat Sourdough Crackers

Home Joys: Sourdough Crackers

Home Joys: Sourdough Crackers
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Lloyd loves crackers, as does his mama, but it is hard to find whole grain crackers in the store that I'd feel comfortable feeding him that aren't filled.

I shared this recipe several years ago, but it is still a family favorite. Since I've been sharing sourdough recipes recently, I thought I'd post it again.
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  • If you are looking for crackers just like you find in the store, these aren't them. If you are looking for crackers that will KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF, you have found them!
    Sourdough Crackers - The Pocket Farmer
    Since I've been experimenting with sourdough recently, I've had my eyes open for sourdough recipes. I didn't expect to find a sourdough cracker but this.

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